Properties update methods

You can keep your real estate website up-to-date in three different ways:

  1. Manually, when each property is added and edited manually. This method is free but time-consuming.
  2. Export/import, when properties tables are exported, edited, and imported manually. This method is less time-consuming, then the manual one. However, it is suitable for websites with a small number of properties updated once in two-three days. The more property ads are updated using this method, the better chance of making a mistake in properties tables.
  3. Automated, when an integration to the properties database (MLS/IDX) is handled via API calls or XML/CSV. This method is effortless and time-saving. MLS/IDX integration allows to automatically pull broker's listings from the MLS/IDX database and get them published directly on the website. As a result, keeping your website constantly connected to the MLS/IDX database allows you to fill your website with up-to-date content.

How to keep a website up-to-date effortlessly

We deliver MLS/IDX/XML integration in the form of a custom-developed plugin. The plugin gets integrated with MLS/IDX provider via XML technology. As a result, data are imported from MLS/IDX in the fields of FW Real Estate component. If you need to have some additional fields for the FW Real Estate extension, they can be designed and implemented via this custom-developed plugin and will be charged extra, as a surcharge over the basic cost of the service. Visit our service page to learn more about FW Real Estate MLS/IDX/XML integration service.

MLS/IDX/XML integration service includes:

  • MLS/IDX/XML integration with the standard fields of FW Real Estate component via the custom-developed plugin.
  • Update of the standard fields (if needed) to match MLS/IDX/XML schema.
  • Cron job setup to ensure regular (hourly/daily) synchronization with MLS system.
  • One month maintenance support to make sure that all works correctly.

FW Real Estate is property listing platform for brokers and agencies. Start with a basic free version and explore all features adding new options with add-ons based on your business needs. Use documentation and our ticket system to get maximum out of Real Estate platform.

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